Japanese Knife Damascus Steel with Coloured Ebony Handle
Japanese Knife Damascus Steel with Coloured Ebony Handle
Japanese Knife Damascus Steel with Coloured Ebony Handle

Japanese Knife Damascus Steel with Coloured Ebony Handle

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Japanese Knife Damascus Steel with Coloured Ebony Handle


The knife is a multipurpose blade that Japanese chefs have used to slit open meat and vegetable for centuries. And as its name implies (lit. "kitchen knife that cuts into"), this knife is made for slicing. But you can also use it to chop and carve because it is a versatile tool with a traditional woody handle that allows for a safe grip.


Are Kiritsuke Knives Hard To Use?
These lightweight chef knives are the perfect cross between a Yanagi (the sushi knife, which is best for slicing fish) and a Gyuto (an all-purpose chef knife for chopping and doing some detail work).

Above all, the Kiritsuke knife has a mild belly that ensures a comfortable rocking motion. On the other hand, it is also considerably flat, like an Usuba (vegetable chopper). So, the Kiritsuke may not adapt to all cutting techniques.

The secret to using the Kiritsuke knife lies in the blacksmith's craftsmanship and final design. And since not every Kiritsuke has the same design, the most suitable ones for different cutting styles are made of Damascus steel. Thanks to 67 layers (33 Damascus layers folded on a VG10 core, to be exact), the best Kiritsuke easily rock and chop at will.

What Is This Kiritsuke Knife Used For?
Most Japanese knives have a single bevel with a hollow grind on the other side. So, if you cut a big veggie with one of those, you will find it harder, if not impossible, to slice. Or worse, you end up with a slightly curved shape and not the straight cut you wanted. Of course, the more you cut with the knife, the more pronounced the slant becomes in that case.

Our double-beveled Kiritsuke knife ensures straight cuts at any time. Also, it is corrosion resistant and reaches a hardness rating of 62 HRC on the Rockwell scale. Equally important, it has an eye-catching fireball pattern on the Damascus steel for a pleasant aesthetic effect.

You can slice vegetables as large as watermelons with ease. More importantly, you will get perfect slices every time. Plus, the uniquely colored octagonal handle offers a secure grip.


Full length: 33.0 cm
Blade length: 20.5 cm
Blade width: 4.8 cm (The widest point)
Blade thickness: 2.0 mm
Net weight: 200 g

Technology Meets Tradition
The handcrafted nature of each piece ensures unique handles and blades according to tradition.